Burning Fetish

Recently I had a request for a burning session. Burning with cigarettes on his anus and balls. I’ve enjoyed burning sessions before where I used a sub as an ashtray – putting cigarettes out on his chest and cock and watched him squirm when the lit part touched his bare skin. I’ve never put it against an anus and was thoroughly amused and interested. he claimed to have done it several times…but…I hear that often and was fully expecting him to cry safe word.

he surprised Me. Aside from moaning with pleasure, he took what I did and did jump a couple of times when the cigarette made contact with his anus and the tip of his cock but that just made Me smile and continue doing it. I went thru two cigarettes before allowing him to find release as I applied the burning tip directly to his anus. I think he found release between pleasure and pain.

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Happy New Year

Have a Spanking New Year!!

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Had a fantastic no safe word session yesterday. sub was young and this was his first time and it was kinda cool to help him explore his interests. I was pleasantly surprised at how well he handled the cane whipping. I shoved a sock in his mouth and put tape over it so he couldn’t spit it out. I used the electric wand at full power all over his body – that was fun!! And there was no holding back with the cane. When he left, his ass was bruised a beautiful shade of purple, blue, red and black. My favorite colors! Later on he texted Me saying it hurt more to walk than to sit. Fantastic!!

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So yeah, there is this other little side of naughty fun that I indulge in. Did a session last night that was supposed to be a ‘no safe word’ session and all he wanted was for Me to take him with My strap on and show no mercy. Basically bang him hard. Until he lost his mind, which, yep, he did.

I find that most subs don’t know how to discuss pegging. they are afraid of it. they tend to shy away from it – like it’s taboo. Which, I guess it is, but, it’s also a naughty thrill isn’t it? A female tops a male in a very vulnerable position. What a rush.

he wasn’t into spanking – he was interested in electrical play, but, was focused more on the dildo and strap-on. Last night was all about being pegged. And he wasn’t quiet about it. The fact that he was very into it made it hotter for Me. I love when a sub is in the moment and let’s go of the society restraints. he managed to handle what I gave him and in the end, I do believe he saw stars.

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Rebound Lover

Sometimes, love finds it’s way thru a broken heart but doesn’t last. The fast heartbeat, the small smiles at late night texts, tossing clothes cause nothing looks right….yeah…been there done that.

We’ve all heard about rebounds. I’ve had My fair share of them. Just had one recently and am dealing with…a broken heart? AGAIN?? Not fair. Or is it a broken heart? Maybe it’s just My body going thru withdrawals from the soft caresses. The teasing nibbles. The hot tongue licking My body at 2am. his hard body next to Mine. My curves melting into his…our bodies joining as he makes love to Me. My body craving the fantastic orgasms that he always made sure I had before he found his own release.

Maybe it’s not a broken heart. But a deprived vagina. My body missing the pleasure and orgasms.

So, the next lover will be just that. A lover…a play toy – no rebound – just sex.

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Raw Animal Passion

When he bit me…I can’t explain it…my body wasn’t mine anymore…it craved raw passion and desired sweet pain…I’ve never felt anything like it…I want more…I want to become one…I want…him

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Is not for Me. Don’t get Me wrong, I love My cats and family members. I love rainbows and bubble baths and chocolate. Oh and I LOVE orgasms. LOVE LOVE LOVE orgasms….mmmmm…but, as far as love of the heart. Nope. I don’t have time for it.

Why? Because I am not in control when I fall in love. Nobody is. Once you fall in love, your life as you know it, is never going to be the same. Been there…fell in love…got the broken heart.

I find that keeping guys around for fun is all that I need. When I am in the mood, I can play with one and when I am done with him, off he goes until the next time. Now, I’m not saying that is how they want things to be. But, to be with Me, it’s My way (of course!!) or nothing at all.

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I’ve been asked about figging. I’ve never done a figging scene although it does sound very cool and yes, I would like to try it. I actually told one of My subs to bring a ginger root the next time he comes over so this should be fun.

What is figging?

Well, figging is the Victorian practice of keeping wayward females in line. It’s also used to stimulate sexually. Basically, get a kitchen knife and skin and shape the ginger root to resemble a butt plug. Insert into anus. The ginger oils create a warming, then a mildly burning sensation, becoming more intense if the recipient squeezes their muscles. To keep the effect, just skin the ginger more or carve a new one.

Sound like fun? How about you? Have you tried figging?

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His Game

I don’t know you
The man behind the mask
The man of many faces
The one who stole my heart
Is not the one before me
The one who would cause pain
Or enjoy another’s misery or anguish

The man of many faces
Steals hearts only to break them
Causes torment and pain to those he claims to love
His protection is false
As are his promises

He lures the innocent to their fates
With promises sweet with passion
And tantalizing quotes of love
Knowing what their weaknesses are
Knowing he is their doom

Once they are in his web of deceit
They cannot break free no matter
How much they beg or plead
They are his property for all eternity

Their tears are wine for his taste
Their torment is his pleasure
To break them is his desire
To leave them broken, alone and destroyed
That is his game.

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Adult Babies…

I’ve done a number of adult baby sessions. I just did another one last week. They are different – usually laid back and easy going. I had one baby who had gotten clothing made in his size – from the bonnet to the bib to the shoes. That was pretty cool. Every baby scene is different. From cuddling to sippy cups to changing their diapers to being dressed like a baby. they all want cuddling and all want their diapers changed. I haven’t had one that ate baby food – yet.

The one last week was no different. he was very nervous – it was the first time he had met someone and had his diaper changed – several times. I think he was uncomfortable messing in his diaper and having it changed. But, I just did it like it was no big deal and I could tell that he was starting to relax. I think he got into the scene. he was drinking out of his sippy cup and he was snuggled under the blankie and he was curled next to Me.

he did admit that he at times wished that he didn’t have this specific interest. It’s not something he could share with someone else – like a significant other. That’s ok…he can share it with Me…smile…

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